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Find The Boeing?

-- capnfun (, March 28, 2002


Try this one.

Find The Boeing?

-- capnfun (, March 28, 2002.

interdesting........veddy interdesting........

-- Lon Frank (, March 28, 2002.

Most of us in the know were already aware of this. Dumbya panicked after the attack and went running off to hide in a bunker in Nebraska or somewhere while the public remained vulnerable. The criticism of his cowardice was immediate, so his PR people had to come up with something quick.

After the Pentagon was hit by a truck bomb, they figured they could use this to show that Dumbya had a good reason to stay far away from Washington. But the idea of a truck bomb was not impressive enough of a threat, so they had to say that it was a plane. They wanted to give the people the impression that Dumbya had a good reason to run away from Washington so they claimed that they "were aware" that there were several other attempts underway to dive a plane into the White House. Of course, because of "heroic" actions by our intelligence and security officials, these attacks were diverted. LOL!

-- (Dumbya@the.chickenshit), March 28, 2002.

It's the fucking Matrix I tell ya

-- (morpheus@neo's.boudoir), March 28, 2002.

How does the truck bomb theorist explain the disappearance of the airplane, passengers and crew of the regularly scheduled flight that "didn't" hit the Pentagon? The Bermuda Triangle Strikes Again?

-- Little Nipper (, March 28, 2002.

There is a chatter/poster around us who's brother-in-law was parked out side of the pentagon when the plane crashed. I believe him.

-- Cherri (, March 29, 2002.

So Cherri, what is his story.

Cool link Capn

-- (cin@cin.cin), March 30, 2002.

Truck bomb my fanny. My best friend from High School saw the plane hit the Pentagon.

-- Peter Errington (, March 30, 2002.

Good one Errorton. My best friends's Uncle's cousin's gym teacher saw it hit too.

-- (right@on.dude), March 30, 2002.

This is important data. Where are the remains of the planes that "hit" the WTC? Where are the remains of Atta?

How do we know the videos were not faked? A friend of a friend of mine knows an artist who was paid $10,000 cash by a stranger in dark glasses to describe how she "witnessed" the planes impact the towers.

Will we ever find out what really happened?

-- (Algernon C. Braithewait III@Cambridge.MA), March 30, 2002.

Doc Paulie will let us know.

-- Jack Booted Thug (, March 30, 2002.

One would think the doorknobs who think up these "theories" would get tired of their own stupidity. Alas not...

-- Dennis Molson (, March 31, 2002.

There were no planes that hit the towers. The towers are perfectly fine. They've simply been moved to a secret underground location.

-- (look@over.there), March 31, 2002.

US invented air attack on Pentagon, claims French book

Jon Henley in Paris Monday April 1, 2002 The Guardian

A bizarre book claiming that the plane that ploughed into the Pentagon on September 11 never existed, and that the US establishment itself was at the heart of the New York and Washington attacks, has shot to the top of the French bestseller lists to indignation on both sides of the Atlantic.

The Frightening Fraud, by Thierry Meyssan, sold out its original run of 20,000 copies within two hours of going on sale. "We've sold 2,500 copies in 10 days, when a blockbuster novel sells maybe 1,500 in a month," a spokesman at Fnac Les Halles, one of France's biggest bookshops, said. "It's a phenomenon."

Mr Meyssan's conspiracy theory argues that American Airlines flight 77, which killed 189 people when it smashed into the headquarters of the US defence department, did not exist, and that the whole disaster was a dastardly plot dreamed up and implemented by the US government.

The French media has been quick to dismiss the book's claims, despite the fact that Mr Meyssan is president of the Voltaire Network, a respected independent thinktank whose left-leaning research projects have until now been considered models of reasonableness and objectivity.

"This theory suits everyone - there are no Islamic extremists and everyone is happy. It eliminates reality," said Le Nouvel Observateur, while Libération called the book "The Frightening Confidence Trick... a tissue of wild and irresponsible allegations, entirely without foundation".

A Pentagon spokesman, Glen Flood, said the book was "a slap in the face and real offence to the American people, particularly to the memory of victims of the attacks". He said he had not read it and had no intention of doing so.

Mr Meyssan's argument, which started out as a rumour on the internet and has risen to prominence largely thanks to the author's reputation and chatshow appearances, suggests that the plane could not have existed because eye-witness statements are contradictory, there are suspiciously few photographs of the catastrophe and none of them shows any wreckage. Even the rescue workers' accounts, published on the Pentagon website, are not convincing, he says.

He also asks why the facade of the Pentagon did not immediately collapse from the shock of the impact, and questions the fate of the plane's passengers. "What became of the passengers of American Airlines flight 77? Are they dead?"

Both Libération and Le Monde set out to disprove his theory, tracking down photographs that do show debris, and speaking to victims' relatives.

But Le Monde admitted that the information made public by Washington did not entirely add up. "There is no official account of the crash. The lack of information is feeding the rumour," it complained.

-- (Algernon C. Braithewait III@Cambridge.MA), March 31, 2002.

Can anyone say "April Fool"?

-- (duuuuh@duuuuh.duuuuh), March 31, 2002.

I spoke to a man today who's son works at the pentagon. He says that the plane hit at the helicopter landing pad just outside the building. This absorbed most of the shock of impact. The building did not take a "direct" hit, therefore not as much damage as would seem from initial impact. The reason for the sand outside of the building could have been to absorb the spilled fuel. Just an fyi.

-- (cin@cin.cin), April 08, 2002.

Gaaaawd cin, just the fact that you even gave any thought to this theory shows that you are as wacko as the doorknobs over at doomerville. Get a life.

-- Dennis Molson (, April 09, 2002.

But, but, she IS one of the wacko doorknobs over at doomerville.

-- Send (mo@money.please), April 09, 2002.

Anita and Pammy (Gayla) post there as well. What's your point?

-- (cin@cin.cin), April 09, 2002.

By the way Molson, if anyone needs to get a life...yah you guessed it. YOU do. Stop trying to live vicariously through mine. ;)

-- (cin@cin.cin), April 09, 2002.

I'm a proud wacko doorknob. Someone's got to do it.

-- helen (, April 09, 2002.

How could I forget...FLINT posts there as well. Would you consider Flint a wacko doorwhatever you call it?

Your theory about timebomb posters has so many holes in it, it sinks faster than the titanic.

-- (cin@cin.cin), April 09, 2002.

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