Differential backups

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I am trying to get a differential back up on a database. I have tried to do this a few different ways. What I am looking to do it to get a separate record for each diff backup. I can only get one diff file that grows every time I do this, or get it to overwrite it everytime, thereby defeating the purpose of the dif.

I have tried T-SQL and the Enterprise Mgr to do this.

I have done this before but Seem unable to duplicate this.

(the server crashed) I do a backup every night, and Trans logs every 20 min. I would like to do the Diff every 2 hrs.

-- Anonymous, March 28, 2002



I was able to write separate full and differential backup files using Enterprise Manager. For each backup (the full and the differntial ones) I chose "Overwrite existing media", and on the Options tab, "Initialize and label media".

Hope this helps,


-- Anonymous, March 31, 2002

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