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WORLD'S TOP ROAD SAFETY EXPERT KILLED BY BUS By Andy Lines, Us Editor In New York THE world's leading expert on road safety has been knocked down by a bus and killed.

Susie Stephens, 36, died as she ran across the street during a conference on how to cut road deaths in America. Friends and fellow campaigners were stunned by the savage irony of the tragedy.

Adam Spey, director of Thunderhead Alliance which fights on safety issues, said last night: "On an average day, 14 pedestrians get killed by vehicles in America.

"It's gut-wrenching to think that someone who spent so much of her life to keep that from happening is now one of the statistics."

Susie was killed instantly after leaving her hotel in St Louis, Missouri, to get some photocopies.

The driver of the tour bus said he didn't see her in time and was not charged.

But friends believe the law should be changed.

Barbara Culp, of the Bicycle Alliance, said: "We want to criminalise acts like the one that killed Susie.

"Bicycles and pedestrians are vulnerable but key pieces of the transportation mix.

"You can't fight with a vehicle. You're always going to lose - and Susie lost.""

Susie had been hired by the National Centre for Biking and Walking to coordinate the conference advising the US Department of Transportation.

Centre spokesman Bill Wilkinson said: "She was phenomenal with people.

"She was one of those people who was a bright light in any group.""

-- Bob in WI (, March 27, 2002

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