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OK, get THIS one: My 5:00 lesson doesn't show up. She has been doing really good with being at all the lessons lately. So I call her, and I said, "Hi there, did you forget about tonight?", and she replies, "No, my mom just didn't feel like bringing me." !!! ????? ***OK, now what can you say that will make me feel better about that? I did tell her to tell her mom to CALL the next time, as I did tell everyone in my newsletter I sent out a month ago. Where is the respect? My husband has been wanting to take the kids and I out to a new Mexican restaurant that just opened up. Tonight would have been a good night! Thank you for letting me vent!

-- Deanne (, March 27, 2002


Most teachers will charge for the session if you do not advise less than 24 hours in advance. In that case, why should a student call if he can't make it. The session is payed anyway. If the teacher wants to make plans, *he* should call the student to cancel the session. If it is so important to you, you don't just hope that someone will call to cancel.

-- Aladin (, March 31, 2002.

It sounds like Aladin misunderstood your frustration. I assume you are charging mom for the missed lesson. If it happens again, I would tell her that you cannot continue to reserve a spot in your studio for her daughter if she does not notify you of cancellations. Of course you would be justified in discontinuing with her if the cancellations get to be excessive, too. Does your policy state your expectations clearly? I would make sure they do, and then stick to them. Hang in there.

-- Laurie (, April 01, 2002.

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