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But then again Clinton had coffee with the chinese and is guilty of "selling out" the country. At the same time one of the "Bush" uncles was in China brokering deals. The GOP and this administration thinks we will accept the blatent corruption that has been the norm in Texas for decades. Unfortunatly some are still to blind to see this. Come on, aren't theactions by this administration getting you even a little bit suspicious? Don't listen to what they say, watch what they are doing and think about what they are NOT saying.

GOP Donors Who Met With Abraham
The Associated Press

March 26 —

Of the 20 companies and industry groups that landed meetings with Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham to discuss the Bush administration's development of a national energy plan, nearly all were Republican donors. Together, they, their employees and parent companies gave at least $4.1 million to the GOP from 1999 through last year and at least $1.7 million to Democrats. The contributions include:


GOP: at least $1,164,232

Bush campaign: at least $7,000

Bush inauguration committee: at least $100,000

Democrats: at least $527,888


GOP: at least $537,259

Bush campaign: at least $10,000

Democrats:: at least $410,764


GOP: at least $468,690

Bush campaign: at least $3,250

Democrats: at least $176,950


GOP: at least $468,465

Bush campaign: at least $5,000

Bush inauguration committee: at least $100,000

Democrats: at least $232,150


GOP: at least $436,154

Bush campaign: at least $1,900

Democrats: at least $148,433


GOP: at least $404,531

Bush campaign: at least $3,750

Democrats: at least $143,366


GOP: at least $275,408

Bush campaign: at least $500

Democrats: at least $20,000


GOP: at least $120,350

Bush campaign: at least $1,000

Democrats: at least $40,250


GOP: at least $100,550

Bush campaign: at least $5,250

Democrats: at least $10,500


GOP: at least at least $81,380

Bush campaign: at least $500

Democrats: at least $18,598


GOP: at least $27,800

Democrats: at least $13,500


GOP: at least $18,500

Bush campaign: at least $1,000


GOP: at least $17,050


GOP: at least $3,450


GOP: at least $2,250

Bush campaign: at least $250


GOP: at least $1,250

Bush campaign: at least $500


GOP: at least $1,000


GOP: at least $750

Bush campaign: at least $500

Source: Center for Responsive Politics.

Copyright 2002 The Associated Press. All rights reserved.

-- Cherri (, March 27, 2002


If ANY president requesting council on the subject of energy excluded the energy industry just where would you have them look? Ralph maybe? The nagging diatribe on this subject looks more and more like desperation.

-- Carlos (, March 27, 2002.

Your justifications are getting weaker and more off the wall.

The energy companies paid for their input. Their input was profit driven. Not concern for the country as a whole, pollution, cleaner energy, consevation...all things which have been goals of the majority of the country for 3 decades. They didn't like the alternative methods of energy use, as it cut into their profits. They only care about deregulating the strict pollution laws (especially coal), they do not want to spend the money to clean up their industries, they don't give a rats ass about the damage they do to the air that people breath full of carcinagens and pollution around their plants. There was a BIG outcry in the 70's when conservation took hold, when antipollution measures were legeslated, when people started to concerve energy, because it took away from their bottom line.

It's rather sad, they are so stuck in the past that they cannot change their ways, will not move ahead and plan and build for a future of cleaner air, develope production methods that conform to the laws and regulations which were dictated 30 years ago. The mentality is a lot like that teenage boys, filled with all of the stuborn agression that testoserone brings, causing them to reject authority, turn their noses up at any hint of (what they consider weakness) enviromental control, pollution standards, retooling or rebuilding their refineries to lower the tons of pollution they spew out daily. Maybe if they spent a little of the money thrown at the polititions in an effort to clean up their act, they would be withinthe legal limits.

The past 40 years hasn't changed their mentality, something will happen some day that will. Maybe all those "good o' boys will finally die off (from cancer from their own pollution) and newer generations, brought up with a little more enlightenment and common sense than greed will take over and put a stop to the insanity

-- Cherri (, March 28, 2002.

You didn't answer my question Cherri. In a 'nobody's happy about anything world' critiques are cheap.

-- Carlos (, March 30, 2002.

Blow-up the Grand Coulee Dam

-- (, March 30, 2002.

Campaign contributors writing national policy. What is good forthe country, what is good for the majority of people in the country, what is best for the health and enviroment matters not a bit when big business who dislike conforming to the laws imposed by the majority of the country in the past 30 years can gave all of the safeguards, the regulations against corruption, the laws restricting them from illegal activities by just dumping millions of dollars into the coffers of the repugs to change the our world for the worse, in the name of greed.

Bush doesn't give a damn abut American citizens, he has been spoon fed the repug propaganda all of his life. If he were to be sent out on his own, he would not have the ability to survive. If he had not pulled back the monitoring of the terrorists that Clinton had in place, if he had not sent a group of his people over to the Taliban in an attempt to bribe them into allowing American oil interests to build a pipeline through Afghanistan, where he said he would pave their streets with gold, and if they refused, he would pave them with bombs. They refused and he took a months vacation in Texas, after which he managed to stay away from Washington DC as much as possible, and was hiding out in Florida, where days earlier his brother had declaired martial law. He wasn't shocked over the bombing of the world trade center, we have video of his reaction. Any normal person, every person I know of was shocked and immediatly stopped what they were doing to find out more. But no, he rolls his eyes arond and proceeds to sit, listening to a childrens book being read.

This is the leader who is doing so good, has become some kind of icon? I think not. Even his own father had to call him and tell him to shut the F*ck up with the redneck BS he was spouting.

If Al Gore had been president, the terrorists would have been stopped before they got in a position to take over the aircraft. Al Gore would not have sent anyone over to threaten the Taliban and antaginize them and OBL into action against us.

Bush and his ilk had one goal in mind, oil, and if it took an attack against one of our interests to justify attacking the Taliban, then the price was one they were willing to pay. They knew, had been warned by the soviets and French that American aircraft would be used, although I doubt they realized that the aircraft would be used as bombs, perhaps they thought they would just be hijacked. The evedence is there that the administration had knowledge that "something" was going to happen. They expected it, they were the catalyst, they needed justification for paving the streets with bombs, as threatened.

-- Cherri (, March 30, 2002.

Cherri, I for one would be interested to know if there is ANYTHING about your life that is positive? I dont recall you ever having a good thought on this forum.

So sad.

-- Send (mo@money.please), March 30, 2002.

This is a racist article. Abraham is Arab-American. Cherri, how can you be so insensitive!

-- (, March 30, 2002.

Cherri, some of what you post has some merit (e.g. on Enron, and other energy matters). But what you just posted on terrorism, Clinton, Gore, & Bush is just raving garbage. Right down there with LL (Ms. Truckbomb).

-- Peter Errington (, March 30, 2002.

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