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In discussing this 1979 film, I decided to be brief. Yesterday I started, and today I finished watching the last hour, and minutes of the Film,Yanks. There were 2 bedroom scenes. One with Richard Gere a k a Matthew & Jean a k a Lisa Eichhorn. Richard's & Lisa's were shown during the last hour of Yanks. Another with William Devane & Vanessa Redgrave. Both did not show any details. Like the film those 2 bedroom scenes were done in good taste. Overall I thought this 2 hrs.&19 minutes, Rated R film was good. For those who haven't seen Yanks in sometime, I recommend re-watching it.I was able to borrow it, from an out- of- town library. It is due back April 1,2002. Cappuccino,

-- me6 (, March 27, 2002


images and photos of helen(vanessa redgrave) and john (william devane)

-- marco (, November 28, 2002.

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