When did Kodak make Starflash Brownie

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Judging by the picture on the box, I would guess this camera to be about 1950. But I can not find a date on the box or on the instruction booklet. When did Kodak make the Starflash Brownie?

-- Rosan Alvey (rtalvey@yahoo.com), March 27, 2002


Response to "When did Kodak make Starflash Brownie?"


The Starflash was a late '50's, early 60's camera. The Starflash, Starmite and Starmeter were all similar 127 cameras. Many of my fellow collectors look down their noses at these particular Brownies but I enjoy using mine. There's a list of all the Brownies on the Brownie Camera Page. Just look 5 or 6 lines above the one you clicked on to get to this forum. Chuck has placed some basic info about each of them in that location.


-- John Reichenbach (jreich_33324@yahoo.com), March 27, 2002.

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