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I have two problems related to downloaded Acrobat files: 1) scrolling a multi-page document is very slow; it jumps one line of text at a time, very annoying, 2) When trying to print an Acrobat file on a HP 970 Deskjet with no other programs running , I get the message: “A drawing error occurred which is probably due to an out-of memory condition. Try quitting other programs.” and the printer spits out blank pages. My computer is a 400MHz tower with 384 MB of RAM running OS 9.2.1 and Acrobat 5.0. I set Acrobat memory to 34.1 MB and print monitor memory to 1.0MB, but the problems remained.

The same files downloaded to my wife’s HP Pavilion run like a charm; smooth rapid scrolling and printing successfully on another HP 970.

-- Art Franz (, March 26, 2002

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