handed keys back 7 years ago and settled-am i free

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About 7 years ago i handed back the keys to a flat using a company called Union Finance.(everyone knows what happened to them).I kept the building society informed as to my whereabouts and when the flat was eventually sold they came chasing me for the money.I came to a settlement figure with them and they sent me a letter confirming it was a full and final payment.In a previous letter they said they were acting as agents on behalf of the insurer to collet the money.Therefore i can only assume that neither can ask for anymore money.The other thing is i managed to get another mortgage from a high street bank telling them what i had done but after 5 years i want to change.Do i have to inform the Bank/building society this time and maybe forever what i have done all those years ago or is there a cutoff point where i no longer have to admit it.

-- robert jones (lovely@jubbly.fsnet.co.uk), March 26, 2002

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