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Well, I for one am not trying to make profit out of other's misery - indeed, I am trying to re-establish from my own! I am a widow who lost everything upon my husband's death, but would still like to be a homeowner - am I to be frowned on for trying to gain a property for that reason? There are many reasons people consider repossessions and yes, saving money is one. But can you blame someone for wanting a property at a cheaper rate? Tell me honestly, if you were offered a property at it's full price or at a discounted price (property or any item come to that matter) would you not take the lower-priced choice? In other words do you offer to pay full price for discounted goods when you shop? - think on that next time you feel like denegrating!

-- Roz de-Layen Vian (, March 26, 2002


Hi Roz,

I have every respect for your wish to own your own home. That right is not in question, nor is your wish to save money.

I can't blame anyone for wanting something at a cheaper rate but I feel it is not fair to compare repossessed houses with discounted goods on sale in a shop.

You will find that those goods in a shop have been obtained legitimately and offered at a price that the seller can sustain. I would ask, if you were offered the latest brand new DVD player at a car boot sale for less than half price would you question it's source or legitimacy? A lot of people would not and that is why those that steal have a market for their stolen goods.

Those that snap up repossessed homes that are often being undersold at a loss to the original owner likewise often do not question the legitimacy of the sale and thus provide the market for the trade to continue.

It's basically a moral question and I respect those that consider the question as such and make an informed decision.

Some may consider that a decision to purchase a repossessed "bargain" does not compare with buying "fell off the back of a lorry" goods. I respect the freedom to have that point of view but some may consider otherwise.

-- Tony Hayter (, March 26, 2002.

Just in case you wonder why I state that repossessed properties are often undersold at a loss to the previous owner I will state the following:

The HALIFAX undersold my repossessed 4 bedroom house as a 3 bedroom one with over 16 cubic yards of rubbish in it! (left by my ex wife)

This was despite them being formally notified that they were acting negligently by doing so!

-- Tony Hayter (, March 26, 2002.

Of course you are in your rights to want to own a home and net yourself a bargain at the same time - who wouldnt?

But you might have taken this site in the wrong way. The repossession site is for people having trouble paying their mortgage, who have been repossessed or are being chased by lenders for alleged 'mortgage shortfalls' and they log onto this site for advice, other peoples experiences and generally a bit of help. I am in this situation and its downright frightening so I think logging on here and asking if there are any repossessed houses for sale is kinda rubbing salt into the wound.

If you look on most estate agent websites, there is usually a section in there with repossessions or homes for auction - hope this helps.


-- lisa (, March 26, 2002.

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