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I need to know as much as possible about the "Camp Creek Wreck" which occured in 1900 just north of McDonough, GA in Henry County. The train was "Old #7" and it wrecked when rains washed out a bridge. I need to know what kind of train engine this was. Any other info would be helpful too.

-- Kyle D. Walker (, March 25, 2002


Kyle, The Henry County Weekly-Advertizer of Aug. 19, 1971 had a brief article on that wreck at McDonough. This was a wet year in Henry County & heavy rain fell on the area on June 23, 1900. Rge 9:30 pm train arrived at McDonough, 20 minutes late with 38 passengers on 5 cars: 2 coaches, baggage car, sleeper, & diner. As they crossed trestle over Camp Creek & Long Branch the supports had been washed away. The pilings collapsed under the locomotive. Loco pulled all but the sleeper into the water. 7 people survived including the flagman who hurried the 2 miles back to McDonough. Investigation showed that a culvert 50 yards from RR could not handle the overflow which created a swirling lake which washed away the pilings. Suite was brought against Southern for $250,000. Damages of $27,000 were paid. A number of passengers were deadheading employees. Another report says: 9 passengers killed, 7 employees connected with train were killed, 11 off duty employees were killed. While that doesn't quite added up, 31 people were killed. Hope this helps. No info in these 2 items as to type of loco.

-- Conrad Cheatham (, April 01, 2002.

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