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Regulation is for today's socialists what public ownership of the means of production and central planning were for them half a century ago. No one has to nationalize industries anymore, because the extraordinary growth of regulation has given effective control to the government without its having to assume the hassle of ownership. Socialism has effectively re-invented itself. --Antonio Martino, Italian economist

-- (lars@indy.net), March 25, 2002


"The cult of masculinity is the basis of every violent, fascist regime. We need to raise our sons more like our daughters, with empathy, flexibility, patience and compassion. These so-called feminine qualities are present in men as much as women, and it's a libel on men to say they're not."

--Gloria Steinem (a childless crone who married for the first time at age 66) in a speech in Palm Beach, Florida

-- (ONE@One's.nunnery), March 26, 2002.

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