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I am making a hat ( more like a bonnet) for my sweet baby, ( shes 5, sorry for the mommy sentiment..) and I dont know how to reduce the stiches down. The back will start at the crown and work down to the back of the neck. I also want to add some triangle shaped ear flaps on the sides with crochet ribbons to tie it under her chin, so how do I do the reducing?? Please remember I only learned to do this a couple of weeks ago at the fabric dept. in Wal-mart..... Thanks for you wonderful help..... Kristean

-- Kristean Thompson (, March 25, 2002


What you are looking for is "Decreasing or DEC).

Single crochet: Work a single crochet to the point where two loops remain on hook, insert hook in next stitch, thead over, draw through stitch. There are now three loops on hook, thread over, draw through all 3 loops at one time, 2 sc have been worked together as 1 sc. (sc=single crochet stitch) (DEC = decreasing)

Double crochet: Work a dc to the point where 2 loops remain on hook, thread over, insert in next st, thread over, draw through st, (4 loops on hook) thead over and draw through 2 loops, thread over, and draw through remaining 3 loops. 2 dc have been worked as 1 dc.

dc = double crochet st = stitch

These instructions are from a beginners crochet booklet.


-- Marie (, March 25, 2002.

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