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I own a No.2 Folding Autographic Brownie camera and I don't know what kind of film to buy for it or where to get the film developed. I think that the following types of film might be the right kind, but I'm not sure. Kodak Photo - TMAX 100 ISO Black & White 120

Kodak Photo - Tri-X 320 ASA Black & White 120 Pro Pack

Kodak Photo - T400 CN Black & White 120 Film

Kodak Photo - TMAX 400 ISO Black & White 120

If someone knows, I would appreciate any assistance they can provide.

Thank you in advance,


-- Tom Hook (, March 24, 2002


Tom, any of these 120 films will work in your camera. Try any and all speeds of film, and find out for yourself which one works best in your particular model. The older the cameras get, the less reliable the empiric information, i.e., the shutter speed on yours might be 1/50th while another's might be 1/35th. Using it and expermentation is the important thing, in my opinion. Good luck and have fun!

-- Pete Lutz (, March 25, 2002.

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