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Hi all. Does anyone have a pattern or instructions for knitting wool socks that they would be willing to share with me? My husband would like me to learn how to knit him some socks. My mother-in-law said she would help me learn but it has been years since she knitted and she has lost her directions. (I found a place on the internet to order 100% wool believe it was someone on this site or the cooking and crafts site that mentioned this website.)If anyone can help please email me with the directions. My husband and I would really appreciate it. thanks a bunch!! Colleen

-- Colleen in WI (, March 24, 2002


I'd be interested in a pattern too. It would need to be simple, for me - am just beginning to knit.

-- Terry - NW Ohio (, March 24, 2002.

I also could not knit a sock for anything! I just could never understand those directions. Then the Countryside (Vol. 86, No. 1 - Fan/Feb 2002) came out and the there were directions in there for how to knit a sock. It is so easy with these very clear, step-by-step directions with photos. Just follow along line by line and you will have the absolute perfect sock. Once you make one you will be be able to make them in any pattern, any size, and in any yarn! I am just sock knitting addicted now! If you don't have the issue I am hoping to put it on the Cooking and Crafts Forum. I have emailed the lady who wrote the article and am asking permission to do so.

Also, you will probably hear of the Kitchener Stick for stiching up the toe. You really do need to do this stich since nothing else really holds well or looks any where near as nice. I also could never understand the directions for this one either, but found a site that shows how to do the Kitchener Stitch and has easy, instructions - with photos! I am amazed at how simple it really is! When done, you can not see a seam whatsoever!

-- Karen (, March 25, 2002. has lots of pattens.

-- GT (, March 25, 2002.

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