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Years ago I lived in Mass. ( I can't spell it) There was a sausage available there not to be found elsewhere. It was pronounced lung-gue-sa, does anybody know what spices were used to make it? Is there a blend available? It was either from Spain or Portugal.

-- mitch hearn (, March 24, 2002


I just love Google, don't you?

Took a bit and I had to change the spelling but I figured it's close enough to linguini, right?

Results show that lingua is portuguese for tongue. So I guess it could be any kind of lightly smoked sausage containing tongue.

Now that we have th spelling right (maybe), you can make your own search for a recipe. I hope your portugese is better than mine, 'cause I couln't read the recipes I looked at. I did find a link where you could order some over the net though.

-- Tis I (, March 26, 2002.

Linguini is a common Italian pasta, I am looking for a sausage that is pronounced as written above.

-- mitch hearn (, March 26, 2002.

Actually, I do know what linguini is Mitch. Did not my link take you to exactly what you were looking for... Linguica sausage?

-- Tis I (, March 26, 2002.

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