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My boys like to shave their heads. They don't exactly look like Dalai Lama, but I suppose I prefer that to long hair. So I don't complain much. Sometimes, in the high temperatures we've been having here, I'm tempted myself.

From her trip to the U.S. for her grandmother's funeral, Vicki brought back an electric razor. That way we won't have to pay for the boys to have their heads shaved. A fairly unskilled job. Just don't nick'em! They've nearly paid for the purchase of the razor.

-- Randal in Brazil (, March 24, 2002


I have 3 younger brothers & my Dad always cut their hair with his own clippers. I remember him setting up the folding chair in the laundry room & they would all take their turn - they hated it & I can't say my Dad did a great job, but hey - it saved a lot of money I'm sure & they all survived!! ;) I actually got my hair cut "professionally" for $3 from the old lady who lived across the street - I swear she seemed 100 yrs. old way back then, but she's still living! I visit her when I go back to my parents'.

-- heather (, March 24, 2002.

I've cut my husband's hair since before we were married. We've got three boys who haven't been to the barber in ages, the oldest is 16 and probably only been to the barber about 5 times in his life. Our second son is 14 and loves the smooth top look. I trim his hair as short as possible with our clippers and them out comes the shaving cream and razor. The youngest has really fine hair so most of the time his is a crew cut. Our daughter has only had her hair cut once in her 11 years, and that was a birthday gift certificate deal someone gave her from a beauty salon. I've done all of the rest of the trimming. I wish I could get someone to trim up my hair:)

-- Polly (, March 24, 2002.

I've trimmed up the boys' hair at times, and once even Vicki's. All my cousins, seem like, are beauticians, so must be something in the blood. I wind up whacking on mine before I get to the barber; usually make it a month before going. The lady down the street was charging R$5,00 (US$2.00), so that was a good deal. I'm paying double that now at a shop since she quit cutting hair and went to teaching Spanish at a couple schools. (She's Peruvian.)

-- Randal in Brazil (, March 24, 2002.

I have cut my own hair for the last 5 or 6 years, got tired of paying the Barber $8.00. My hairline has been recedeing (wish it would reseed!) since I was 18 years old, this year I will turn 40 and my hair is about gone from the top.

I use the lowest attachment on my clippers (blend comb) and keep going over my head til no more hair falls to he ground! I also listen to the sound of the clippers as a guide. I can cut my hair in about 5 minutes or less.

In the summertime I occasionly cut my 9 year old Nephew's hair, we have a deal if I cut his hair I give him $3.00, his hair must grow real fast because sometimes he wants it cut once a week! I have offered this $3.00 deal to friends and co-workers but no one will take me up on the offer!


-- Mark in N.C. Fla. (, March 24, 2002.

If we could get a few more barbers to pay us to cut our hair, that would be a great deal! I'm 44 and just now beginning to lose a bit at the temples, so I still need a careful trim now and again. Especially considering I travel and give courses across the country. Have to look fairly spiffy.

-- Randal at home in Brazil (, March 24, 2002.

I don't get out much so it has been a long time since I have had my hair cut. Like months. I ordered one of those combs with razor blades built in and cut my hair yesterday. The top and sides look pretty good and from feel the back seems to be ok. Don't know if I am presentable or not but it sure felt good after I got all that hair off. I hope to get to where I can get to town once in a while but until then I can at least keep it trimmed. gail

-- gail missouri ozarks (, March 24, 2002.

Like the 40 year old chap iv'e been losing my hair for some time and eventually came the day i had enuf, i go the full hog and shave the lot off with a blade and have been for some time now, i tend to start of with the hair shaving shears with an open blade i.e no plastic attachment added, then onto the electric shaver for the extra trim down then onto the blade for the final trim, it looks just swell, take a look :

-- Craig Shaw (, October 09, 2002.

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