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117.00 for a new probe that sits inside the tank ,check your parts manual,THREE CROSS quoted me that price but also told me it could just be blocked.THERE ARE THREE HOLES IN THE TOP OF THE FUEL PROBE ITSELF ,So after removing and draining the tank turn it upside down and remove the three bolts holding down the round flange, carefully remome this from the tank ,this holds the fuel pump ,filter etc and fuel probe ,A small silver cylinder about an inch n half long the thickness of a pen give or take .The main wire to the pump runs through this and there,s three slits in the top .I found these were all blocked and cleared them out with a needel .After getting it all back together and with a small amount fuel replaced , I run up and waited a few secs AND bingo the fuel light works and ive saved a few quid

-- rob greenwood (robg@mvagfsnet.com.uk), March 23, 2002

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