Drugs siezed in raid on Somali reataurant

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Police siezed 40 pounds of khat in a Somali south Minneapolis resaurant and 140 pounds in a nearby apartment. Two people were arrested in each location.

Khat is a mild narcotic legal and readily available in Somalia but is illegal in the U.S. The leaves are chewed for the effect. It is similar to an amphetamine.

The owner, Jama Mohamod, was not present when the business was raided, said he was shocked at the allegations. The two people arrested were his relatives; one who recently immigrated does not speak English.

-- John Littmann (johntl@mtn.org), March 23, 2002


What's the deal in Minneapolis? Hmung, Somalis, who else? What's becoming of the Nordic culture, ayyy?

-- (lars@indy.net), March 23, 2002.

This is just more evidence of how lamebrained our drug prohibition laws are. Are our keepers now claiming the "khat problem" is spawning waves of khat-inspired crime and gangsterism, or causing an alarming increase in the number of khat-related auto accidents, or cramming our ERs with khat overdoses? Do they bother to justify their actions at all?

-- Little Nipper (canis@minor.net), March 23, 2002.

well that's one way to keep rid of those hunger pangs

-- (bad@i.know), March 23, 2002.

So Little Nipper wants to keep the Somali peoples stoned on khat so that they are not an inconvenience to white kultur.

-- (BWAHAHAHA@fascist.closet repugs), March 23, 2002.

keep the minorities stoned on khat so they keep voting for dumbya

-- shame (on@the.repugs), March 23, 2002.

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