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OK heres the problem. I have digital cable (the remote has vcr commands on it) and i have a dvd player...all hooked up through the vcr. cant figure out how to record movies from tv. What channel do I put the tv on, what channel do i put the vcr on, do i unhook the cables from the dvd player...i hope i havent confused you as much as i am! Is there a website that gives instructions on how to record movies on vcrs with digital cable remote???? HELP!!!!!!!!!!

-- wendy (, March 22, 2002


I don't have the DVD to throw into the mix, but when I record from tv (I also have a satellite dish) I make sure the vcr is on the tv channel I want to tape. To see what is coming thru, you have to push the tv/vcr button.. my tv has to be on channel 3. its the tuner on the vcr you are tuning with. If I want to tape from the dish, I put both the tv and the vcr on channel three and set the satellite receiver on the channel I want. Make sure your DVD player is turned off so you're not getting that signal instead.

-- Deb Foster (, March 22, 2002.

You can not record one channel and view another at the same time with digital cable or satellite unless you have a second set top box for the vcr, one way I got around this is to run a splitter from the cable input and send one line to your set top box and the other to your vcr, you won't be able to record all the channels you would through your set top box but your vcr can get all the cable channels you had before you had the set top box..that way you can record and watch two different programs. Steve!

-- Stephen Coffman (, March 24, 2002.

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