Henry Field and Gurneys Ordering Caution

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Just a word of caution if you have recently, or plan to order, seeds from either Henry Fields or Gurneys (over 50 differant varieties of seeds - $225 order). I had placed an order to both on March 1. I had not yet recieved the orders, nor did I recieve a response to my emails I sent 4 days ago requesting status of the order. So today I called to check on the order. I was told by both places that ALL SEEDS are on back order and they have no indication of when they will be able to fill the orders. They insist it has nothing to do with the new takeover due to the previous bankruptcy. Not just that, but I was on the phone for over an hour because they could not locate either order (even though I had provided all the information as well as the confirmation order number). I asked why they did not notify me of the backorder status or why no one had responded to my email requests; however, they said they offered no response other than, "I don't know".

I had to speak to 2 differant customer service reps at Henry Fields to cancel the order since it will be too late to start the seeds and 3 customer service reps at Gurneys (who the first one insisted that the order had been shipped already even though the order showed it was backordered. Shipped when I asked?...funny thing...just went out today..LOL! Well found out from the 2nd and 3rd reps that it did NOT go out and was, in fact, backordered with no indication of a shipping date). At this point I am still not sure my credit card has been credited for the cancelled orders. I am dreading having to go through that one if not!

They sucked us in with that $20 off on all $40 orders or more and now can't fill any orders at all. Go figure. I will let you know what happens.

-- Karen (mountains_mama2@hotmail.com), March 22, 2002


Wow that is terrible Karen. I have gotten to the point that I don't even order through the mail. I have had trouble in the past with orders.

I can get a large variety through our local lumber store, I save a lot of seeds, and can find many varieties at Lowes and at K-mart. I hope you at least can get your money credited...

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (me@home.net), March 22, 2002.

Karen, I am having the same problem. I had ordered mine in February, and I have only recieved my grape vine, I am still waiting for my seeds, my potatoes, and my blueberry bush's...... I am getting impatient.

-- Kristean Thompson (pigalena_babe@yahoo.com), March 22, 2002.

I too ordered from Gurney's but got an email notice that they are on their way with 2 items on back order. My step dad got his on Friday and he only has 2 items on back order too. Hope everything comes. My consolation would be that I didn't order nearly that much:)

-- Nancy (nannyb@huntel.net), March 24, 2002.

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