Spring Love

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What is it with Spring and Love anyway?

When the blackbird in the spring,
On the willow tree,
Sat and rocked, I heard him sing,
Singing Aura Lea
Aura Lea, Aura Lea,
Maid of golden hair;
Sunshine came along with thee,
And swallows in the air.


2. In thy blush the rose was born,
Music when you spake,
Through thine azure eye the morn,
Sparkling seemed to break.
Aura Lea, Aura Lea,
Bird of crimson wing,
Never song have sung to me,
In that sweet spring.


3. Aura Lea! The bird may flee,
The willows golden hair
Swing through winter fitfully,
On the stormy air.
Yet if thy blue eyes I see,
Gloom will soon depart;
For to me, sweet Aura Lea
Is sunshine through the heart.


4. When the mistletoe was green,
Midst the winter's snows,
Sunshine in thy face was seen,
Kissing lips of rose.
Aura Lea, Aura Lea,
Take my golden ring;
Love and light return with thee,
And swallows with the spring.


Aura Lea, Aura Lea,
Maid of golden hair;
Sunshine came along with three,

tweet@tweet.tweet), March 22, 2002


And swallows in the air.

Love and Kisses

-- muaahhhh! (tweet@tweet.tweet), March 22, 2002.

Come into my Love Box

-- (pitter@patter.flutter), March 22, 2002.

Send a secret love message

-- (how@old. am i? LOL), March 22, 2002.


By terry Date: 20 July 2000

Lady of Shadows

I am haunted By a lady I have never seen By a face I have never touched And by the deepest, reddest lips I have never tasted. Yet she holds my heart in her hands My happiness within the power of a single whim.

But I know this lady well For she visits my dreams every night And when sadness overwhelms my heart in the darkness Of my despair I only need look behind the shadows To find her hand To wipe away the tears With a soft sigh and loving touch.

A lady of shadows A lady of beauty and desire. For when I reach out in my deepest need It is her breast I touch Her flushed, hardened nipple that swells into my hand With an insistent softness That demands my attention And calls my lips to part in anticipation Of my compulsion To kiss, to taste, to minister to my own need To bring the light of lust and love to her shadow.

Lady of shadows Lady of beauty and love I reach for you, my hands touching that fine white sheen of hair Just below your navel That brings such a shutter of goose bumpy delights To my spine And heat to my loins. Fingers trailing down into the silky, coarse triangle Touching ecstasy in a damp, sensuous tangle Lost in the shadows Of my heart

Lady of shadows Come into the light of my love Lady of shadows Come to me

My lady Be mine.

-- (just@couldnt.resist), March 22, 2002.


-- (cin@cin.cin), March 22, 2002.

what cin said.

is it warm in here??

-- Cynthia (Cynthia@thawing out in.Iowa), March 23, 2002.

Terry, here ya go.

-- (eleanor rigby@lonely.people), March 23, 2002.

It's Aura Lea!

-- (what@a.doll), May 14, 2002.

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