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If you have a child still at home, here is a really nice way to use up some of those leftover prints, ribbons, etc.

Make some Christmas tree ornaments for each year of your child's life. Make it for something that they were interested in that year. Keep doing one every year until they move away from home -- but keep it a secret and don't let them know you are doing it!

When they move into thier own home, wrap up the package of ornaments to give as a housewarming gift. They will have a whole set of ornaments for thier first Christmas tree and each one will be a story of thier life!

-- Karen (, March 22, 2002


Response to Crafting Hint of the Day

Similar to the above sister's xmas gift to all the neices & nephews is an ornament. She usually made them all but if too hectic, she would buy a neat one for probably $1. When they turned 21 at xmas, they got a couple sets of lights. It is not expensive but VERY nice!

-- DW (, March 22, 2002.

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