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I am so tired of the interprutions from tele-a-marketers. It is not too bad sometimes during the day. But at meal time and on Sunday really makes me upset. I know the people at the other end are trying to make a living but is there no way they can stay off the phone on Sunday? I am not a rude person but sometimes I sure have a hard time with being civil to these intrusions. After working two jobs I like my week-ends peaceful. Any suggestions on how to handle this or are the rest of you in the same boat? Billie NE Oh

-- billie jagers (, March 21, 2002


Call your phone company and get put on all do not call lists. Any time anyone calls you tell them the same. There are laws in place, keep a list of all company names that call. As a last resort you can now buy a telemarketer ad zapper at radio shack, you answer the phone it erases your name and number from their puter. I have had an annoying call for 6 months.

-- mitch hearn (, March 21, 2002.

Mitch, The telezapper your refering to does nothing to the telemarketer computers. It erases nothing and depending on the size of the telemarketer and type of equipment used is usually worhtless.

The telezapper that sells around $50 send out a 3tone out of order tone. You know the tones, beep beep beep, this number is not in service at this time. Yes, those tones. For telemarketers that use low end equipment, that listens to the audio portion of the connection, the call will be marked as out of service. For telecommuters of any size with large call banks they dont even use phone lines but use digital circuits directly into the telephone companies. These talk connect and disconnect information from a control channel. This Control CCS7 channel will report back out of service lines. your inservice lines will be reported as answered even with the telezapper tone.

There are some national do not call list you can get on, but there is no law that says telemarketers have to check the list before the call. Most reputible companies will check it, but most telemarketers dont care and will not pay the fee to check the list. Now if someone has called you before and you have ask to be put on a do not call list and they dont do it. there are laws to protect you, but you have to sue the company to get them to stop. Its a nice law in concept but seldom is used because no one has the time or money to hire a lawyer to do the work. On top of that most companies use 3rd party calling houses, These houses can call you hundreds of times but each time represent a different company and even if you have talked with them 5 minutes before, if they call you back as a different company rep, its considered a different call and they dont have to honor you dont call requrest for the other company.

-- Gary (, March 21, 2002.

I beat them at their game. When they call I say, "Could you please hold for a minute I will be right back?" I lay the phone down and do a few things (or not), then when I feel like it I go back to the phone.I have never found them waiting for me. I hear this ties up their phone line because they can't use their phone until I hang up mine. I don't know if this is true or not but still it is so much fun to have them waiting for me to return to the phone.

-- george nh (, March 21, 2002.

Sorry you all I did'nt mean to post this twice. My computer said I could not submit change the name which I did. Guess What it did post. Thanks for all the imput. Sorry to take up the space. Billie NE OH

-- billie jagers (, March 22, 2002.


Number one you do NOT have to be considerate of these people who call you at all hours. You said yourself they are an intrusion. I certainly would not call people up and high pressure them to buy something without considering it an intrusion.

Ask for the name of the company name, who you are talking to, and ask to be removed from their calling list. Tell them that you keep a list of solicitors and the date that you informed them to remove your name. Also let them know that you are aware that if they call back within six months they are subject to fines etc. Also let them know that you will give their names to the attorney general in your state.

It seems that since I have done this I hardly recieve a call from anyone trying to sell me aluminum siding etc. It works. Try it.

Talk to you later.

-- Bob in WI (, March 22, 2002.

Here in Indy we have a program with the phone company called privacy manager. It is free from Ameritech and it screens all incoming calls and cyphers out the telemarketing calls. The only problem is you can't accept collect calls with it activated. Try checking into it.

-- Melinda (, March 22, 2002.

I just say, 'sorry,we're not interested', right off the top and hang up. Figure it saves me and them time, but I actually had one call me right back once to whisper a vulgarity at me(didn't want boss to hear, I'm sure). That really set me off! When I get repeated calls from the same company, I do tell them to put me on their 'do not call' list. I agree that it's annoying to get the calls at mealtime, or bedtime. Don't know's I've ever gotten them on Sunday.

-- mary (, March 22, 2002.

Missouri has a program that has you call a number in Jeff City and put your phone number on a list not to be called. If they call you all you have to do is report them and they are fined. Works great I put our number on the list and haven't had a call since. Sally

-- (, March 22, 2002.

Mary, it is best to say "put me on your do not call list" the first time instead of what you say, because the telemarketers will often interpret "we're not interested" to "we're not interested right now", which to them means, "call us back later and try again".

-- GT (, March 22, 2002.

This is all you have to do. It WILL work, and FAST.

As soon as the spiel begins, interrupt and say, " Who's calling please", if they did not identify themselves, and make a note of it, and then immediately ask, " Would you please remove my name from the phone solicitation list". They will STOP the spiel, apologize for the interruption, and promise you that it will be taken care of, usually saying it will take "X" amount of time for the request to be completed.

Now, write down on your calender the name of the company that called. If they call you back you can file a claim with that company and be PAID, ( sometimes several hundred dollars) for the intrusion. You won't have to go to court, or get a lawyer. You are entitled under the current laws to file a claim for the intrusio.

It is rare indeed for me to receive tele-marketing calls now, and if I do, it is usually a local company letting their fingers walk the white pages.

This WORKS, and very effectively. Try it and watch ! ! !


-- J McFerrin (, March 22, 2002.

Thanks everyone I will indeed try some of these suggestions. I am sure something will work. Billie NE OH

-- billie jagers (, March 22, 2002.

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