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What is a good film developer for Bergger 200 120 roll film ? I'm using a pinhole camera.


-- C.H. Fowler (, March 21, 2002


Try PMK or Pyrocat-HD, both at 12.5 minutes, 70 deg. F., EI 100. I have a pinhole camera in 6x9 format and did some calculating--there is a full stop difference in the exposure at the center and the exposure at the far edge, so I've gotten in the habit of overexposing by a stop, but that shouldn't be necessary for smaller formats.

-- Ed Buffaloe (, March 21, 2002.

As Ed pointed out pyro based developer will work well on this classic emulsion, but also Rodinal or Calbe R09 Rodinal type developers work extremely well.

-- Volker Schier (, March 22, 2002.

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