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I'm actually playing the Pathetique sonata by Beethoven and I've got a problem with the 2-3 and 4th page. The repeating notes played by the left hand are ok to play the first time, but when the time comes to repeat that sequence my left hand get jammed... Is there a way to overcome that problem?


-- Olivier Cyr (, March 21, 2002


I always play the left hand tremolo very, very, very relaxed. After I have gotten used to it, I speed up the tempo. Remember to keep your wrist very relaxed. I would suggest using the free-fall method and keep the wrist in an intermediate position. This is what works for me.

-- Steven Gamboa (, April 09, 2002.

Yes!! i am also battling the pathetique sonata and i have found that the only way to keep the left hand up to tempo for the entire movement is to use your upper arm! play the LH alone slowly with your wrist high, fingers relaxed and 'dangling'. rotate your entire arm to achieve the motion, watching the upper arm move slightly up and down. Your wrist rotation is crucial as well. use the least amount of finger motion as possible, for stiff fingers and hands will sting after a while, and even may contribute to tendonitis and other terrible ailments. let me know if this helps!

sincerely, maria (

-- Maria (, November 17, 2004.

ask your teacher you must ger reaeaaaal relaxed when u playing.. and pathetique sonata is muuuch more complicated than just playing it

-- Siavash (, January 03, 2005.

When playing the left hand keep it loose and relaxed, don't tense up too much or it will slow down. It will also help keep a steady tempo.

-- *anonymus* (*anonymus*, February 10, 2005.

You also got to build up your endurance. Hanons octave scales really help.

-- Jeffrey Young (, March 09, 2005.

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