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How about some true stories of amusing company names or interesting license plate logos?

A couple of funny company names I saw recently: Name of a trash hauling business Junk and Disorderly My favorite: In Vincennes Indiana, a people-hauling company is named Vincennes Van Go. Don't you art fans love it!!

License plate logos: Our local pharmacy which delivers meds has as license plate: RX PDQ Years ago when Barry Goldwater was running for Pres or VP, I saw a license plate that read Au H20--Don't you chemistry fans love it!! My own license plate: RT RN 57 for my initials, the fact that I am RN and finished training and got married in 57.

Sign spotted outside combination gas station-eatery in Texarkana 20+ yrs ago: EAT HERE GET GAS

-- GibsonGirl in s.e.Illinois (, March 20, 2002


The building is gone now, but I remember one near downtown OKC when I was younger reading "Oklahoma Waste and Wiping Rag Company".

I never did get brave enough to ask what exactly they did!

-- Christine in OK (, March 20, 2002.

Two signs in my local vet's office:All unattended children will be given free kitten. And...Doc will be with you shortly.Sit.Stay.

-- Johna (, March 20, 2002.

I have a very warped sense of humor-------& when we owned a Mom & Pop Motel-----I had a friend who had a used hearse he wanted to sell---so I bought it & had it painted bubble-gum PINK!!!!! Then I had a sign company put on the tail gate of the hearse "REST IN PEACE AT THE FLINT HILLS MOTEL/ STRONG CITY, KS."

Signage on the hwy---would have cost over $800.00 a month---& you had to sign a year contract-----so I drove my advertiseing-----(and everone noticed)----(lots of times my dog rode in the back---with his head out the window)---

I was written up in 14 major newspapers-(that I knew of)--as well as many/many/many---small papers----& was the "spot light", on unsual spotings on an area T.V. station---

I drove "Pinky" to buy supplies----& to shop----& to pick up motel guests----

and someday I might have time to write a book about some of our many adventures with "Pinky"----& owning a motel---along with "Sue Ellen"-- -our mannequin---my daughter found in a dumpster in Dallas------Sue Ellen was well know far & wide/at our motel also & until she was kidnapped----

When we sold the motel----the people who bought the motel---had no sense of humor at all---no business sense either /as they lost all the business I had /as I had reservations on the books for the next 5 years---booked almost solid ---& they ran it all off--- they also got rid of "Pinky"---- I wish I had not sold her with the motel---as we had toooooooooooo much fun with her-----but she is in some junk yard somewhere-------bless her heart---

I have many--many---many---many--many--many---stories I could tell about "Pinky" & "Sue Ellen"-------as well as many other people we know!!!!! ha!

I believe life is way tooooooooooo short to be tooooooo serious about anything!!! Sonda

-- Sonda in Ks. (, March 21, 2002.

I had a huge sign out in the front of our motel-----that would lite up----I changed the sign----at least every week---we were on a busy hwy---I would always put some weird saying on both sides of our sign-- --people use to drive through our drive just to be able to read both sigs of the sign-----people would honk----as they wwnt past---just because they read the sign---I got cards & letters & calls about my signs------as well as more news paper stories!!!!

-- Sonda in Ks. (, March 21, 2002.

Some of the signs I use to put up---were like----in Dec--or Jan--

Welcome To The 67th Annual Nudest Convention/ The rooms are Warm!

Welcome George Strait your room is ready----

I always put something-----to get everyone's attention--

I had a sign in my motel lobby that read----all unattended Children will be sold as slaves!

For over 6 years every week I came up with some insane saying to put on both sids of my sign out front---people still talk about it---

-- Sonda in Ks. (, March 21, 2002.

The one we like is the company slogan on the side of the septic tank pump truck we use. A flush beats a full house. really great.

-- David in North Al. (, March 21, 2002.

My two favorite local companies:

Frye Electric

Ash Wipers Chimney Sweeps

-- Sherri C in Central Indiana (, March 21, 2002.

Many years ago I was driving along Rte 55 in St.Louis when a younger woman zipped past me going wayyyyy over the speed limit..she was flying along...I saw her exit up ahead and since it was also my exit, I ended up at the redlight behind her..her plate read "Pb foot".....I laughed so hard I needed to speed myself to get home to the ladies room...

-- lesley (, March 21, 2002.

While passing an Indian cemetary the sign read "Indian Burial Ground- 500 feet"!

-- Jean in No. WI (, March 21, 2002.

A friend of mine who now practices family law (legalese for divorce work) in CA has two sets of business cards. One is typically professional. The other is the same except it has her motto on it. "Satisfaction guaranteed or your honey back" ;o)

-- Gary in Indiana (, March 25, 2002.

Not quite so humourous, but nice and sweetly polite, are the signs as you come into many of the neighbourhoods around here: "Slowly Please, Children Being Children"

-- Cathy N. (eastern Ontario) (, March 25, 2002.

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