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Crooks Given Guide to Life Behind Bars Wed Mar 20, 7:46 AM ET

BANGKOK (Reuters) - Thai crooks can now find out exactly what to expect in the country's overcrowded prison system, thanks to a new Web site created by inmates with tips on coping with life behind bars.

The Department of Corrections Web site, set up by convicts recovering from illnesses at a prison hospital, aims to give prisoners and their families advice and information.

"We want to tell the public that it is not as scary as people may think, but it is not so comfortable that people should be attracted to life here," John Lertwitworapong, head of Bangkok's Correctional Hospital, told Reuters Tuesday. "I dream one day we will be able to provide every single inmate with a comprehensive handbook on how to live in prison, but right now we can offer inmates brief information in a leaflet and the public comprehensive information on the Internet."

The site, at, offers advice on topics such as how to get sleep, how to make your sentence as short as possible and how to prepare for release

-- (give@me.break), March 20, 2002

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