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You know those REALLY expensive room scenters you see in the stores that look like a jar of jelly with fruit in them or flowers, etc. It is easy to make your own. Here's the recipe and instructions:

Jelly Jar Room Scents

8 Ounces of unscented, clear Glycerine Soap
1 teaspoon of your favorite fragrance oil
10 drops of food color
3 ~ 4ounce Jelly Jars

Melt soap as you would butter on very low heat or in the top of a double boiler.Be sure that you don't let the soap get too hot. If it gets over 160 degrees it will sweat after it sets. After the soap is melted quickly stir in the fragrance oil and color and pour into jelly jars. Allow to set for several hours. Put the lids on the jars, then using an ice pick or hammer and nail make several holes in the top of the container. or Cut a 5" circle using lace, bridal illusion, net even chiffon or organdy. Using pinking shears or fancy craft scissors will create a festive trim. Place the circle over the mouth of the jar and seat the band over it. You can still trim the band with a ribbon for a more finished look. You now have jelly jar scents that won't go bad and mold or dry up as the gelatin based ones do. If you want to spruce up the jars you can add a ribbon around the rim or a crocheted doily over the top and tied with a ribbon. You can also imbed a sillk flower, dried flower or herbs, plastic toy or animal. Pour a layer of soap into the jar and allow it to set up for 10 to 15 minutes. Add your item and, being careful of dried flowers and herbs, pour soap gently over the item/s. And when you need to refreshen the scent, put the jar in a small pan of hot water or the microwave until you can get the soap out in a chunk then remelt it as above, (removing any additions like flowers or toys) adding more fragrance oil. Then repouring into the jars. In our experience the fragrance lasts for several months with this method so you won't need to refreshen often. You can also change the scent a bit when you do the refreshening or just because you want a change and don't want to waste what you've already done. You might consider trying this ~ if you used lemon and colored it yellow, add some orange fragrance oil and a few drops of red food color when you remelt the soap and you have a new citrus scent colored orange - you can add grapefruit and lime as well.

-- Karen (, March 20, 2002


Where do you find unscented glycerine soap??

-- Ardie/WI (, March 20, 2002.

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