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Hi! I am in my last year of nursing,and writing last project about language barrier and cultural differences.I have hard time to find articles or anything about it.Hope you can help me. Joanna

-- Joanna (, March 19, 2002


Greetings Joanna, Heather,

Try these sites ... Good Luck Language Barriers in Health Care Settings:

Interpreters graduate from health courses

-- (, June 22, 2004.

Hi Joanna, My name is heather, I am a 2nd year nursing student in Australia. I am aslo having trouble finding info in relation to medication compliance when english is a second language. I am hoping that you may have some hints for me. As your request was posted some time ago I hope that all has gone well whith your studies, and are now enjoying a fullfuilling career. Regards, Heather.

-- Heather Allen (, May 24, 2004.

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