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Could you that are interested in the new quilt project please check over at the Cooking and Crafts forum under-"New Quilt project Update" that way I won't have to do all this typing over and over-I'm lazy that way. Thank you so much!

-- Kelly (, March 19, 2002


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The response to a new quilt project has been great but many of you have (very understandably) time concerns. So, I have three ideas, we can put to a vote to see what you would like to do. 1) We can do another fabric square swap, this time in patriotic colors. Again, we can do one signature square for each person, (about 12 at this point) plus additional fabric squares-I think 36 this time? I think we all want a smaller project-for a total of about 48 squares- we may get more people as the week goes on but thats the count now.

2)We can do a set of blocks. I wouldn't mind doing 12-(or how ever many people we get) and swap blocks like we swapped squares and everyone would get 12 different blocks. There are TONS of patriotic patterns now-every quilt mag on the stand is full of them plus there are net sites, or you can do a log cabin or other favorite block in red white and blue, what ever. If 12 blocks are two many, we can split into two groups of 6-half send blocks to me, half to Kristean and we would get 6 different blocks.

3) I hesitate to bring this one up because it might be confusing, but I really want to include everyone-we could do both-if you can only send squares send squares, if you want to do blocks, do blocks, You would get back what you sent in. Does that make sense?

Of course I am open to other suggestions.

For next year...... I saw the most darling row exchange idea, based on a garden theme. Everyone does your favorite garden row, and pass it along. I propose we start that about oct? Nov ? of next year, as garden and canning is winding down and we can work on it over the winter. Anyway, we can talk about that one later.

-- Kelly (, March 19, 2002

Answers Kelly, I would like to do this. Anything you guys decide I will do. Just let me known. Sissy

-- Sissy Barth (, March 19, 2002.


-- Melissa in SE Ohio (, March 19, 2002.

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