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I need to know how long I have to develop HP5 plus (ilford) with T-Max developer. Thanks

-- inigo uriz (, March 19, 2002


The Massive Development Chart:

-- Christian Harkness (, March 20, 2002.

Generally, I'd say with most developers about 5 minutes at 20 degrees seems adequate.

Try developing as per TMax 400. I've seen it done the other way around: TMax in ID11 etc, developed for the same amount of time that HP5'd be developed for.

Just one question: why not develop in TMax developer? TMax was designed as a silver iodide film and really needs a silver iodide developer. What you're doing is developing a silver iodide film in a silver halide developer and thus throwing away the advantages that iodide gives with its close T-grain structure.


-- Rhys (, April 06, 2002.

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