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Hi, I was wondering if the ACL was still using stock cars any time in the late 50s through the merger? And when did the stop putting ice in reefers? Thanks, Jason

-- Jason Casting (, March 18, 2002


In October 1952 the ACL had 234 stock cars. By July 1965, two years prior to the SCL merger, the total was down to 43. This total was made up of two groups, #140226-140393 38ft(outside) steel underframe(20 cars), and #140400-140449 41ft(outside) steel underframe(23 cars).

In 1952 the ACL owned no refrigerator cars("freezers"), though they may have leased these cars from Fruit Growers Express, and of course had FGEX cars running over their lines. In 1965 ACL owned 328 steel freezers, 42ft-55ft(outside). 85 were bunkerless insulated boxcars, the rest were mechanical refrigerators("Ice-less"). 187 of the mechanical freezers were in assigned service(to a particular cumstomer) and many of these contained pallets and other equipment considered part of the car. ACL freezers were numbered #480644-491620.

-- Tom Underwood (, March 19, 2002.

The last ACL stock car I saw in service was November 1966. I saw FGEX 40-foot wood ice reefers in service until about 1975, but don't know when the icing system was fully phased out.

-- Larry Goolsby (, March 18, 2002.

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