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I work in a grocery store and have a customer whose mother makes soap. She is quite old and remembers using a brand of lye called RED EAGLE. She has her son searching for this particular brand of lye because it will not turn her soap yellow. I hear that her soap " is as white as ivory soap." Our grocery store used to carry this lye...but no more...and no one seems to be able to locate a new sorce for it. Can anyone help with a source?

-- Evelyn T. Flesher (, March 18, 2002


I think you mean RED DEVIL lye. I can still get it our grocery stores in NH. There are sources of lye on the net, but shipping is expenseive because only UPS will ship it and only by ground delivery, because it is classified as Hazardous Material.

-- David in NH (, March 18, 2002.

There is a product called "Eagle Lye". Supposed to make your soap snowy white. You might try a google search to see what turns up. Best wishes!

-- cowgirlone in OK (, March 18, 2002.

Actually, in my soap making ventures, I have discovered that it takes two things to make your soap this white ( mine is pure white also. ONLY after many experiments) One: red devil lye, and Two: Pure white lard. Works everytime.

-- Kristean Thompson (, March 18, 2002.

I buy sodium hydroxide--- chemical name for lye. I ordered the last batch from a soapmaker supplier on the net. Most grocery stores in our area have stopped selling because apparently it is used in illegal meth labs and Kansas is the hot spot for meth.... the last time I bought several cans of lye, the friendly neighborhood sheriff's deputy paid me a visit. Took him a bit to believe my story..... looked very suspicious to be stirring stuff on a hot plate on the picnic table in the yard with my rubber gloves and goggles on. Didn't help that the Great Pyr was out and was on duty and did not intend to let him out of his car...... I can laugh about it now but it was pretty hairy there for a little while.

-- Tana Mc (, March 18, 2002.

Thanks for responding Dave, but my customer says that the Red Devil Lye that we carry is not what his mother uses. He swears that she has bought it (the Eagle Lye) at our store in the past...the only place she has been able to find it....I guess all this was before my time. Anyway, all the hunting for this product has me thinking I might try my hand at making lye soap. I just need to track down a good recipe for snowy-white lye soap. Thanks again!


-- Evelyn T. Flesher (, March 20, 2002.


Thanks for the info on soapmaking...I have never made soap before. I have to admit that asking questions has sparked my curiosity on this subject. I am wondering if you would part with your recipe for white lye soap. I just might give it a try. I am really encouraged....I have just embarked upon a delightful adventure of making my owm collidal silver and really love doing it. Another customer of mine wants to teach me his version of winemaking...he has a recipe for making mead that I find intriguing and plan to give a try in the very near future. Learning these forgotten arts sure makes life exciting.... so, let me add soapmaking to my list of new things to learn to do. Thanks for responding to my original question.


-- Evelyn T. Flesher (, March 20, 2002.

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