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I am not up on my chicken genetics so - what do you suppose the resulting chicks might look like from crossing a Light Brahma rooster with a Buff Minorca hen?

-- J Flynn (, March 18, 2002


Acceptable, and quite likely, a good producer. Who cares what they "look" like? I will wager successfully that you and I, although incredibly foxy to the opposite sex, might find a few abberrants that disagree!

-- Brad (, March 18, 2002.

You would probably get: 25% like the Brahamas, 25% like the Minorcas and 50% that are in between the two. An interesting poultry site for getting answers on genetics is Ask an Expert Univ. Illinois PoultryNet,

As to chicken genetics: in chickens, ZW is female, ZZ is male (ie the male is homogametic not the female).

-- BC (, March 18, 2002.

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