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Just for your information,

I had a front brake problem (see previous mails): air was entering the calipers and the brakes became rapidly too spungy.

My dealer replaced those now under garantee, but found out, while venting the system, that the disks were severely bent. He replaced both disks by the new design (they are a lot thicker and more loose than the previous set, they are the same as the ones I saw on a Tamburini version) ) under garantee although he said that this was not a known problem up to now.

The improvement is enormous but the typical character of the brakes has not changed : they are not progressive at all, so for the normal road not very comfortable, on the other hand on the track, while using them intensively, I like them very much.

As to the application of the garantee, I have only positive experience with MV Agusta.


-- patrick maes (, March 18, 2002



i'm glad to hear of your great expereince. I too have a master cylinder problem. Mine actally leaked a bit of fluid on the bikie, but lucky didn't blemish paint. What exactly does this warranty cover, is it just a new master cylinder, or does it include calilpers, etc. Is it on a case to case basis?? I have an early MV with single radiator, so I know I'm in the group, but didn't buy through dealer, so I need to know what exactly the letter states? Could you fax me a copy, etc?


-- david Chicatelli (, March 18, 2002.

I, unfortuantely, am disappointed in the results of the free brake upgrade. The initial riding has revealed little to no improvement, with the lever still encroaching my fingers under hard braking. Unfortunately the lever is adjusted all the way out still, which leaves me no room for further travel.

Track days are coming, so we'll see for sure in another month or so.


-- mark westlake (, March 20, 2002.

has any one tried a radial brake perch from brembo, it seems to be the hot set up that everone who is track daying w/ a MV or 996 is doing. I have also heard that all bikes in the US from 2000 up have an alloy / metal disk rotor. Even if they state they are cast iron, they are not. to get a true ductile iron rotor, you have to get a race only brembo set. Have not tried yet, but thinking of making the plunge. Any info would be helpful

-- david Chicatelli (, March 31, 2002.

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