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I cannot find any DMC locally. I checked the "store search" on DMC's website; they do not have a category for Canada! Do any of you Canadians know where I can get some DMC floss?

-- Cathy N. (, March 18, 2002


Hi Cathy,

How are you feeling these days? You can DMC floss at Michael's, most craft shops, sometimes WalMart. If you can't get it locally, email me and I can get it for you here and send it to you. Michaels would be your best bet since they are still cheaper than everyone else for floss (usually .40 per skein).

-- Silvia (, March 18, 2002.


Sometimes the local dept. store here has DMC thread on sale for 34cents a skein. Their selection isn't teriffic, but the basics are there. If there's a certain lot# that you're looking for, let me know and see if I can help you out also.


-- Charleen in WNY (, March 18, 2002.

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