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I was on hwy 36 in Upson county a few weeks ago, next to the ex- CofG line to Thomaston, and there is an old store called "Topeka Junction"...something. I have heard of Topeka Junction, where, I don't know. I am assuming it is where Sou crossed CofG. I can see a distinct tree line like a possibility of old roadbed on the south side of the store there. Am I correct here? I know the Ft. Valley line had to come in somewhere, and thought this might be it. Any pictures or history any of you guys can share with me?? Thank you!!

-- Elton Rosser (, March 17, 2002


Elton, You are correct. That is where the Atlanta & Ft. Valley crossed the Upson County Railroad or SR crossed CGA. I believe UCR had a flag stop/platform at Topeka Jct. The old SR line can be seen on both sides of CGA/highway, or at least it could be seen 5-6 years ago.

-- Conrad Cheatham (, March 19, 2002.

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