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Do you have a heart moving stories to tell the world? Would you like to inspire people? I am an art student from Australia, making an artwork about the things that touches everyoneˇ¦s heart. I would like people from different backgrounds and around the world to get involved in the content of my artpiece. I believe people are connected, it is important to share experiences and stories to inpire others.

My artworks is going to be a website which will have a wild range of viewers. It will consist of stories, images, sounds sketchings and paintings. Please email me a story which you have heard, or experienced. A personal account that touched your heart. A story from a friend or a family, a quote youˇ¦ve heard that changed your lives forever.

Please tell me your stories, sounds, texts music in, only if Iˇ¦m allowed to use your sources. I will put images and sounds and combine it with other mediums. I will reference you in my artwork (or even if you prefer anonymous) and email you to inform that your piece is used in my artworks.

Take this wonderful opportunity to express yourself in art, which will be viewed by audience around the world. Any contribution will be appreciated.

Please forward this email to your friends and family, thankyou and look forward for your reply.

Please email me on

-- Anna (, March 17, 2002

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