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Was wondering if anyone has sold herbed vinegars or oils in craft shows. I realize you have to have a certified kitchen to do this. We were thinking about selling them along with recipies for using them. Any ideas? Any recipies? \ Thanks

-- Joanie (ber-gust@prodigy.net), March 17, 2002


Joanie-----I have done a lot over the years----for myself & for gifts- --but not sold any at craft fairs!! I'll look up some of my recipes & share with you when I have a little more time----Sonda

-- Sonda in Ks. (sgbruce@birch.net), March 17, 2002.

Sonda, That would be great. I really appreciate your taking the time. Thank you!

-- Joanie (ber-gust@prodigy.net), March 18, 2002.

Joanie----I use to give classes on how to-- & I have tons of information & recipes----I have looked in my usual place I have all my herb books & things----& I can't seem to find them in that place--- must be my old age---but I will keep looking & will give them to you-- --

Also I had a favorite web page on the net that had lots of recipes for herbed vinegar & oil---& I can't find it----but I'll do a search & see if I can find it also---

I have all the information---of just how to do it---I use coffee filters to strain all my things I make---

I have a great rasberry vinegar that everyone loves---I do all my cooking by dap & dash & what looks good------so since most want exact measure---I worked at doing it with measure & wrote it all down---now it is just where I put it---- don't give up on me-----sonda

-- Sonda in Ks. (sgbruce@birch.net), March 18, 2002.

sonda i would like a copy of those recipes for herb vinegars also if you don't mind. I would be willing to pay for copies and mailing e- mail and let me know. gakins@simplynet.net

-- gail akins (gakins@simplynet.net), March 18, 2002.

Ok Girls I found part of my stuff------

Now I'll try to remember to put it all down---but if I leave anything out----just yell--ok----

First to do vinegars-----1 cup fresh or 1/3 cup dried herbs to 1 quart of vinegar works well--- I use the best vinegar I can get on sale unless there is something special I want to make--I watch vinegar sales all the time----usually around canning time everyone has it on sale---& I stock up!!!!!

ok--one way you can make herbed vinegar is---place herbs in jar or bottle & pour vinegar over them---put the bottle in a sunny place like a window for two weeks ---& rotate the bottle often----the heat from the sun will extract the flavor of the herbs.----Now if ya want to use it real soon ya don't need to filter it----but if ya want to have it keep for quite a while---ya need to strain the herbs out with a coffee filter---pour the vinegar into a clean bottle---then just add a few sprigs of herbs or flowers to the vinegar just for presentation----so they don't turn yucky in the bottle & make it cloudy---

Second way ya can make it---is---place the herbs in a large jar or bottle----then in a sauce pan heat the vinegar to boiling point----- remove it from the fire---& pour it over the herbs-----let it steep until cool----then strain---as the hot vinegar----wilts those herbs--- -after ya strain it through a coffee filter----put it in your bottle & put in just a few herbs for presenation also---don't get carried away---as they will get yucky & cloud up you vinegar if ya put too many in---

now what do I put in my vinegar--- & how much & how do I use it-----

Ok---I use cider vinegar for my chives vinegar------you can get on sale-- the chive flowers-make it a beautiful mauve color---I also put in cut up chives----now we use this on anything we want to have an onion taste---I even use my garlic or onion flavored chives for this---we love this & use it a lot--

Sage /in red vinegar----is great for meat marinades--we are vegetarain---but I give a lot of this as gifts to meat eating friends- -

Dill /I also put in cider vinegar---I use this in potato salads & pasta salads---over fish---veggies--- Oh you can also put the dill flowers in this to make a pretty presentation---

Nasturtium flowers in white vinegar----& I also use the leaves----- this is great for a pepery flavor--- a couple of flowers make a beautiful presentation---

Basil----in cider vinegar-----we use this on tomatoes---pasta salads-- -veggis salads----oh---if ya use Opal basil---it will make a pink-- look to your vinegar---

Mint-----is another big favorite of ours---we use it on almost any fruit--or fruit salads----& deserts----that sort of thing---

Oh as far as desserts---you can use Lavender/violets/scented geraniums---roses----for fruit & desserts---

Oh did I say I use cider vinegar for mint---dill & basil--- & red wine vinegar---for pungent herbs--

Now you will have to try your own taste--but good ratio is usually 1 cup fresh herbs or 1/3 cup dried to 1 quart vinegar---

Now I start mine in a wide mouth fruit jar----& then I look for neat bottles all year at garage sales & when I strain it I put it in fancy bottles I have found at garage sales---

just remember after ya strain it----don't get carried away with putting in herbs for presentation----as if they wilt & get yucky-- they make a cloudy vinegar---

Now that ought to get ya started------

I have tons more----if ya need help-----just yell----it is simple---& ya will soon be makeing vinegar---with herbs ya have in your yard--& tasteing & experimenting-- & going wild----just like I do--

I can't wait---for the violets to start blooming----they make a wonderful vinegar for over fresh fruit----

Ok----go girls------when ya need more-- I'll try to find the rest of my notes----ok--- best wishes-------

-- Sonda in Ks. (sgbruce@birch.net), March 19, 2002.

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