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Having been in correspondence with DLA over a shortfall debt with Abbey for almost a year it has now gone quiet,last letter I received was December. I will be moving house in a couple of months, if I don't hear from them before then would it be best to write and tell them my new address (it goes against the grain to make things easy for them!!) Any advice would be gratefully accepted.

-- Trish Urmston (, March 17, 2002


I would be very very tempted to not tell DLA anything. After all if they haven't written to you for nearly 3 months, then who's to blame you for thinking that they'd given up chasing you??!! However, if you have credit cards, HP or anything like that, then your new address will be on your credit record eventually and if DLA's agent's start looking then they'll find you. They can't penalise you for not having told them.

-- pendle (, March 17, 2002.

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