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I would be grateful if anyone could please tell me how many 4-8-2s the Southern System actually had 55 or 58?

I believe the correct figure is 55 thirty 1917 Baldwin Ts locomotives and twenty-five USRA Light Ts-1 locomotives Nos. 1475-1499.

I believe that five of the Ts-1 locomotives from the Southern proper Nos. 1495-1498, 1475 became CNO&TP Nos. 6495-6498, 6499.

The confusion is over three AGS Ts-1 class engines Nos. 6692-6694.

Where these brand new engines not included above (making the total 58) or where they simply renumbered former Southern proper engines from the 1475-1499 series? (making the total 55) Thank you.

-- Stephen Dale (, March 17, 2002


These locomotives were renumbered from the Southern series proper - in order they were 1484, 1488, 1489 according to Prince's lists, builders numbers 51733, 51814, 51865 (all Baldwin).

There was a general movement of USRA engines in the early '20s from the Southern Railway to the various subsidiary companies with concomitant renumbering. These engines were apparently included in this

It's possible to see the old numbers in some photos of these engines - there's a very small number visible below the "A.G.S." on the cab side which is the former Southern Railway number.


-- Aidrian Bridgeman-Sutton (, March 17, 2002.

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