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what is the role of maths in music? what is the role of science in music?

-- Maithri (, March 17, 2002


There is a rythm for each in this 'unknown' universe.Mathematics is nothing but study of rythms,in my view point.Music is rythm itself.Hence both are the same in a deeper sense.This great rythm is the controlling phenomenon of the Universe,I think. Therefore study of Maths is study of music.And Heart has a music similar to an Arithmetic Progression,........! Find the real Truth... Let Great Ragas like my favourite 'Vageeshwari' may help ! Tel.9847247112

-- Jayachandran K.R ,Kalarickal, 689505 Kerala (, March 24, 2002.

u can do wonders using 7 in saptaswaras and the same in maths.u have so many calculations in 'eduppu' when the vidhwans or performers sing the kalapana swaras based on number of times u repeat the swaras thus maths is very much linked with carnatic music any clarification u contact my mailid. As well for science and art also u can call the carnatic music

-- (, June 21, 2002.

Music is a structure of frequencies which have effects on our feelings.Our feelings depends on each one frequence.if a frequence change the whole feeling will change.this is how music and maths are connected

-- Pithagoras (, December 08, 2002.

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