when are the livestock swap meets in wisconsin

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My son is in 4H. Which by the way is a neat organization and a wealth of information. We are looking for certain chickens because of loss over the winter. We usually have luck finding what we need as replacements at the local animal swap meets. So, if anyone knows when they are, could they please share the info with us. Joany in the Town of Rose, Wisconsin. In particular we are looking for Bantam BB Red Hens, Bantam White Wyandotte Rooster, White Wyandotte Rooster, Bantam Black BB rooste. Email back if you have them, I will give my email address. mjjch@uniontel.net Thanks joany

-- Joany Hoffman (mjjch@uniontel.net), March 16, 2002


They are usually held in Wausau at the Marathon Park buildings on Mothers Day (of all days). Anyway, it has been that way for the last couple of years at least. I know they start very early - like 7am. Continue to check thru the 4H dept. - they should be able to tell you.

-- Pat (mikulptrc@aol.com), March 16, 2002.

I also just heard of one in Neillsville the first or second weekend in May (not sure of the date) someone I know got some really nice Golden Laced Wyandottes there. I'm pretty sure they have some swaps in Marshfield also. Ask your poultry project leader.

-- malinda (teneniel_80@yahoo.com), March 16, 2002.

Hi Joany,Depending how far you want to drive,there is a small animal auction tomorow at Nelson's auction barn starting at noon.(E9390 hwy p wiscosin dells WI-2 miles west of lake delton,WI on county trunk P,turn right just west off highway 23 interchange.Usually quite a few people with a little of this and a little of that.The small sale in friendship should be going on soon too,but I have not seen it advertised yet in the paper.Are you in Wild Rose WI.or is it just Rose WI.Take care.Dave

-- Dave (duckthis1@mybogusemail.net), March 16, 2002.

Thanks for all of the great answers, now I will share all the ones that I know of for all of you.

April 13, Weyawega WI at the Waupaca County Fairgrounds, starts 6am. admission $2 per person, $5 per sales table, indoor/outdoor.

April 20 Adams County Small Animal Swap Day. Adams County Fairgrounds, Cty Hwy J. starts 6am. $1 admission per person, outdoors. 608-339-3662 Paula Cavanaugh

April 27, Grand Rapids WI, Dale Carlson's Swap Meet, starts 6am. Auction 10am. Grand Rapids Lions Club Grounds, just off Couty Hwy W, Dale Calrlson 715-424-2446. $1 admission, outdoors.

-- Joany Hoffman (mjjch@uniontel.net), March 17, 2002.

I would personally NOT get chickens at Nelson's Auction Barn. I got my first chickens there last year. A hen and 6 chicks. They appeared healthy, but after I got them home and settled in, it became apparent that they all had a respiratory infection. I had read a lot about chickens and had everything I needed for healthy chickens, but wasn't prepared for treating sick ones. My husband and I tried our best and did a lot of research about chicken health in a short period of time. I even called the WI state poultry vet in Barron for info.

We finally put them down after we realized that they weren't getting better (wheezing and gasping for air) and the chicks were not growing normally. After sterilizing all the chicken equipment and waiting 60 days (per the suggestion of the State Vet), I ordered day old chicks from a hatchery and finally got the happy, healthy birds I wanted.

Were the chickens sick before they arrived at the Auction or did they catch it from the dozens of other chickens around them ? I don't really know. I do know that they and the other chickens around them were stressed. They had all traveled some distance by vehicle to get to the auction. They were then left out in the hot sun for hours without food or water while the more "valuable" animals and gear sold first.

If you want healthy chickens I suggest trying to buy them directly from the breeder or a hatchery. I went to the Wisconsin poultry show in August and saw tons of nice Bantams so there are lots of breeders in WI.

Try posting "Bantams in WI?" inquiry on either The Poultry Connection www.poultryconnection.com/forum or Poultry Information Exchange www.nevadatea.com/chicken.html

-- Margarete (forpippin@earthlink.net), March 17, 2002.

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