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My quilting group did a neat project. Each of us made a row of blocks, no wider total than 48". We put the row in a decorated pizza box with a little memory book telling the theme of the quilt, likes and dislikes in colors, and just sharing our thoughts as we made the quilt row. Also in the box was a treat, candy, cookies, etc. We all passed our box to the next person in the group, took their box home, ate the treat, and made a row for them based in their row and their specifications. We could put some fabric in our boxes also. After finishing the row, we put another treat in there and took it back to the quilt group meeting, oohed and ahhed over the other's work, and passed the box to the next person, and this continued until we had about 8 rows, at whichc point our own box was returned to us. It was a lot of fun and very challenging to make rows based on other peoples preferences and styles.

Some of the ladies have sewn all the rows together and completely finished their quilts already. I just took my pizza box out again yesterday, I haven't done a thing with them.

Here is the problem- the theme of my rows was cobalt blue and lemon yellow, with a pure white background. Some of the people followed these colors closely, using some of my fabric to make the rows match mine. Others used dusty blue, almost a gray blue, and faded mustard yellow, there is also some navy blue but I can work the navy in. But one row in particular REALLY clashes with the rest of the rows. The dusty blue and mustard are only part of the problem. The block used is like a huge snowball (octagon) about 8" wide, and has large green triangles that are supposed to be leaves- the octagon is supposed to be a flower. It could work if it was scaled smaller, but is is very oversized compared to the other blocks, and the block pattern doesn't work well with the other blocks that feature a lot of hand and fused applique. I like the lady who made this row, but I hate the row! It's tempting to just not use it at all, because it pretty well spoils the rest of the quilt. I don't want to hurt her feelings.

What should/can I do? Everyone is supposed to bring the quilts back when finished and show them off. I've thought about using this block and another that doesn't quite fit to make a pieced backing. Or maybe doing chain embroidery all over the octagons, in the right color blue or yellow , to look like petals. Or simply covering the octagons up with cobalt blue and lemon yellow yo yo's to look like a bouquet of flowers, that would help with the oversized aspect.

What do you think about this, if you were this lady, how would you feel if someone brought the row that you had made and it was on the back of the quilt, or doctored up, or simply missing altogether?

-- Rebekah (, March 16, 2002


This is kind of cheating, probably, but, could you put it all together, and show it off, and then when you bring it home, tack on the yo-yo's to make a bouquet?

That sounds like a lot of fun, though!

-- Kelly (, March 16, 2002.

I think the take it like it is now/ and change it later idea would be the best. I would rather suffer a few hours with it, than to offend a friend.

this is a great idea... wish I could get a quilting group together here. No one quilts around here, just me. such a shame too.

-- Kristean Thompson (, March 16, 2002.

Rebekah, I don't think I would doctor it up, in respect for the other persons work. But, what I might do is to use this row on the backing. Just put it in the middle. Then make you another row. I am pretty sure this woman who made it would understand perfectly just by looking at her row to the others that hers just wouldn't blend. I would hope it wouldn't hurt her feelings! In His Grace, Sissy Ps... I just thought also, maybe you could call this lady and explain your thoughts, and see if she would be terribly injured if you put in on the back, of if she would like to make another row for you?

-- Sissy Barth (, March 16, 2002.

Hey Kristain, I feel the same way! Apparently theres one around here somewhere, but they seem to meet on a whim-I can never seem to connect with them. I used to be in THREE quilt groups before I moved here, and boy do I miss it! One was at a lady's house one thursday night a month, they did all kinds of cool projects and would sponser classes, every one would pick a project or technique or something and then do a little mini class for everyone else. Sometimes they would get a quilt teacher in for something special. One group met at a church-they did service projects for the community-quilts for fire victims or to raffle off for some cause or other. The third group met on wensdays in the library basement-you brought your own project and worked-it was more social. you could come when you wanted and leave if you wanted-you could bring your kids. On Alternate Wenesdays they had pot luck, everyone brought a dish-it was great fun! I miss it so much!

I wonder if it would be possible to do something like that through the mail? I don't know, postage would probably be expensive.....

-- Kelly (, March 16, 2002.

I forgot to add that the rows were not all 48" wide, either, in fact only two were the same width. The others range from 30" on up, mostly varying by an inch or two, and this makes it tricky. I think I'll have to add on to the ends, except some blocks are not conducive to this treatment.

-- Rebekah (, March 18, 2002.

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