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Do you really have to use all acid free products in scrapbooking? What will happen if you use regular products? Will they just not look as nice after several years or will you still be able to make them out okay, just discolored or do they actually fall apart? How much longer perserving time does acid free give? Are we talking about years or decades differance? Acid free items are so much more expensive and was wondering if the cost is worth it.

-- lucy (, March 16, 2002


it is very worth it it will add 20 years or more onto your picture. products that aren't acid free can extremely damage your photos because they are made with acid in them they will eat right thruogh your picture eventually. its like leaveing an egg in viniger for a day or two it will eat and desinigrat the shell. never ever use other products that aren't acid free. if you want cheaper scrapbooking supplies try wal-mart every thing they have is have the price then usual.

-- stacey (, January 09, 2003.

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