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My husband just brought home a #2 Folding Autographic Brownie for me tonight. This is my first hands-on experience with ANY Brownie, so I jumped online to do some research on it.

The outside metal tag on the body says to "Use Autographic Film No. A-120" which I assume means it's 120 speed. However, when I popped the back open to see if there was a film take-up spool inside, I found a metal spool that appears to be for 620 film. At least, I think it is, with little other than Internet research to go by. It has two different sized slots, one narrower than the other. According to what I've read, this is what I'd find if I needed to respool 120 onto the 620.

So which does this camera use? Is the wrong spool in it? Does "A-120" film actually mean 620 film? I'm quite confused. I only have the camera itself, no accessories or anything, and I'm guessing it's post-1917 due to the shape and rounded edges. No manual either.

Anyone able to help me out here? Thanks in advance,


-- Rebecca McCoy (, March 16, 2002


Re : Film size mismatch in #2 Folding Autographic Brownie??

A No.2 Brownie takes 120-size film ... it would seem someone has put the "wrong" spool in your camera. 620 spools do have a degree of desirability, hopefully someone will offer to exchange your spool for a 120 spool so you can use your camera, else if you have a photo lab near to you, they'll probably be able to find you one. 120 is still used by professionals for weddings etc, as well as keen amateurs, so a lab is likely to see a suitable spool for you quite frequently.

The A-120 designation refers to "Autographic" film, which is no longer available, but ordinary 120 will be fine.

-- Chris Eve (, March 18, 2002.

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