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First of all, Thank you again everyone who gave me the weather reports from up that way! We only ran into snow once, but knew to look for it around the great lakes region (that's where it was). Thanks, again!

We got back late yesterday and just today got our "land legs" back. *grin* Once we got to Gallupville, NY, I took a picture of what we hauled up there, two matching 1959 Chevy Apache fleetside pickups on a 35 foot trailer: I haven't got the pics of what we hauled back yet ~ a 1959 GMC one-ton flatbed and a 1957 GMC Suburban ~ cool-looking truck, that one!

The land up there is gorgeous!!! We went through Dallas, Little Rock, Memphis, Nashville, the Shenandoah Valley, Schenectady, Syracuse, Buffalo, Erie, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Lexington, then back to Nashville to Dallas and home. Whew! My favorite little town has got to be "Bucksnort, Tennessee." Or maybe it's "Quinque, Virginia." How do you pronounce that? "Kinky"? *grin*

We stopped at Graceland, but only had time to see the Lisa Marie, Elvis' plane. We also swung by Niagara Falls ~ loud, huge and beautiful! But my favorite part of the entire trip was Monticello. The house and grounds have a presence. The strong, happy, welcome feeling is downright palpable ~ so much so that tears came to my eyes as I walked up the East Walk, as if we here in the US had a royal family and I was getting ready to meet the benevolent and loving Queen Mother. I think Kenny felt it, too...

-- Wingnut (wingnut@moment.net), March 15, 2002


Thomas Jefferson Center for Historic Plants can be found at Twinleaf Online, www.twinleaf.org and contains historic plants and seeds from Monticello, if anyone is interested.

-- BC (desertdweller44@yahoo.com), March 15, 2002.

I'm glad to hear you had a good trip. The pictures look great.

-- Murray in ME (lkdmfarm@megalink.net), March 15, 2002.

Were glad you had a safe and enjoyable trip. The pictures are awesome. Mountain Ashe Acres Farm, Upstate,NY

-- Gary and Pris (MTASHEACRES@AOL.COM), March 16, 2002.

Welcome home, Wingnut!! Ain't travelling fun?? We may get to road trip a little this summer, but it'll be my first long drive in about 5 years. I miss it!! Glad you're home safe!

-- gilly (wayoutfarm@skybest.com), March 16, 2002.

Wow Wingnut, Sounds like a nice trip! Thanks for sharing.

-- cowgirlone in OK (cowgirlone47@hotmail.com), March 16, 2002.

Wingnut, glad ya'll made it safe. Sounds like you had a good time. My wife is from Lockport, NY which is North of Buffalo and approximately 30 minutes from Niagara Falls. The land and scenery up there is Awesome! I'm a native Texan, but I'd move up there in a heartbeat if I could duplicate my job and salary here.


-- PoePoe (rpd932@yahoo.com), March 16, 2002.

Thanks, everyone, for the compliments and "welcome home"s! Yep, Gilly, I LOVE roadtrippin'. There's something about being out there ramblin' around, makes me feel like a gypsy ~ that's something I sure haven't felt like much of in my life. I've lived here on the ranch most of my life.

Poepoe, I'm with ya'! My family's been here for well over 100 years, as has DH's family, but we both agreed that we'd would move up there in a second if we didn't have such deep roots put down here already. It's so beautiful! The little village called Gallupville where we dropped off the trucks ~ so quaint! And Cobleskill, just up the road from it, is equally as adoreable! We also fell in love with upper Virginia and Tennessee, so it would be hard to pick just where we would go if we had the notion to.

-- Wingnut (wingnut@moment.net), March 17, 2002.

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