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I hope that this is OK to post, but I wanted you all to know that Stan has sent me an apology for all of the recent "goings on" around here. I do hope that we can now continue on in our previously nice normal fashion. Thanks to you Stan, and thanks to all for your continuing support.

-- Melissa in SE Ohio (me@home.net), March 15, 2002


It takes a big man to apolgize. Hope your life is filled with love, laughter and peace that passes all understanding.

-- jean from Ky (dandrea@duo-county.com), March 15, 2002.

I am so glad it seems everything is working out for the best.Lets all get back to fun stuff now !

-- Patty {NY State} (fodfarms@hotmail.com), March 15, 2002.

God's will be done!!!!! Praise Jesus!!!!!

-- Sonda in Ks. (sgbruce@birch.net), March 15, 2002.

yes, i one time had to apologize to Ken, and it was not easy. This is good news.

-- mary (mlg@mlg.com), March 15, 2002.

Well, I'm glad that is over with. I never did send an an apology to Ken. I guess that will have to wait for the second coming. I can't find the faith to apologize to someone who has no remorse for their sins. Some things we do on the faith that God led us there for that purpose and Ken is one of those areas. However I can hate the sin and still love the sinner !

-- Joel Rosen (JoelnBecky@webtv.net), March 15, 2002.

Jean is right, it does take a very big man to say I'm sorry and I really admire Stan for doing so! That's the Stan we all know! I have been really wondering who was that guy and what did he do with Stan??? Welcome back, Stan - your the man!

-- Karen (mountains_mama2@hotmail.com), March 16, 2002.

It will be good to have the old Stan back. It does take a big person to apologize.

-- John in Mn. (nospam@mywork.com), March 16, 2002.

Stan-welcome back!

-- Terri (hooperterri@prodigy.net), March 16, 2002.

Good for you Melissa, to publicly acknowledge and accept the apology.

God's will has certainly been done here, and it's a perfect example of why I gravitated to this forum.

Glory to the Father.

-- Michaela (flhomestead@hotmail.com), March 16, 2002.

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