Eversheds sent me someone elses repossession details have they broke the law??????

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Eversheds sent me by mistake someone elses repossession details, name,address and amount owed. Have they broken any laws????

-- ian reynolds (isreynolds@hotmail.com), March 15, 2002


They haven't broken the law.

When Hammond Suddards Edge sent me a claim letter that was intended for someone else, I sent it on to the people it was intended for with the URL of this site. It was a good opportunity to do some free (apart from the price of the stamp) advertising!


-- Lee (repossession@home-repo.org), March 16, 2002.

Yes, but it is doubtful that you can complain about it.

The person whose details have been sent ot uou could make a complaint to Eversheds, the bank, the financial ombudsman, and they could make an assessment request to the Information Commissioner.

But, I don't think that the FO or the IC would censure Eversheds or the bank concerned too much. They would consider it to be a minor issue, I feel. But, if there were a number of such disclosures about various customers, then they would take it more seriously.

Good Luck.

-- Harry (pearson_harry@hotmail.com), March 15, 2002.

You might let the other person know as it might give them a little bit of a lever.

-- Steve (powerhousesteve@aol.com), March 16, 2002.

Eversheds have done exactly the same thing to us. After nearly ten years they have just about got our address correct. Even the letter they sent me in reply to mine stating they were sending me other peoples mail and getting our address wrong, was incorrectly addressed to us and only reached us by a fluke. And in response to the smart arses who will say "you've only got yourself to blame for not telling them your address and trying to avoid them" we have always been in touch and have not stuck our heads in the sand.

I stated to Eversheds that this type of shoddy practice is a breach of the data protection act by sending your personal financial problems to the wrong address with the strong possibility of them being opened and seen by a third party in error. Pathetic response received. Would really like to bring them down a peg or two so if anyone has similar experiences please email me.

-- Simon Hensby (simon@adders.org), May 04, 2002.

The person receiving the details cannot complain, however the person whose details have been sent to someone else can complain under the Data Protection Act. The IC told me this themselves also. You are not under any circumstances allowed to give any information regarding a person without strict proof that the person requesting the details is that individual. So anyone who receives personal details about another individual should get that person to complain to the IC without delay. I know for a fact that where my financial/personal details sent to another (especially my ex-husband) I would be complaining heavily.

-- Chris (chris@anon.co.uk), May 07, 2002.

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